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Happily moved to Berkeley!
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I was supposed to have a phone interview tonight for a job I really wanted. The interviewer never called, or emailed, or anything. I am more upset over this than I probably should be, but I am so tired of getting screwed over every time it's possible that I might leave this place for somewhere better suited.
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If you can't be consistent, could you at least not be so sweet when I get you?

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Apparently I am storying again. This should be interesting.
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--Keep track of all the books I read.
--Get down to 135 pounds.
--Renew my passport.
--Keep on top of bills and keep paying down debt.
--Keep working on figuring out my spiritual path.
--Make my apartment awesome.
--Enjoy the year.

Not resolutions per se, but goals, and ones I think I can meet.
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But, but. . .68 hours!

Also, rabbit rabbit!
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Flying tomorrow for SF! Very excited, very exhausted. . .actually looking forward to the long flight for sleeps.
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Suddenly, looking at my wardrobe for this trip, I realize that somewhere along the way I learned how to dress like an adult. I'm a bit surprised.
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Oh. My. Goodness.

Today I went out shopping for interview pants. I wasn't really finding anything pants-wise at H&M. Thankfully, I had my Fashion Guru, Cupcake, with me. He took me to Macy's.

On Labor Day Weekend.
In Herald Square.

This was a mistake. I tried on so many things and nothing fit. Blech. And then I went to Gap and bought dove-grey khakis and they're fine.

Then I went back to H&M and picked up an irresistible cotton-silk sweater in bright blue. Because dammit, I look GOOD in cotton-silk. 

Also I went to Lush and got travel-sized toiletries for the trip. 

I'm ready for an adventure, y'all!

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As I gear up for travel (San Francisco! Sept. 6-9! Let's make plans!), a possible career change, a possible move, and a visit from the Poet, I feel the need to start writing more actively again. Things are afoot even if some of these changes don't pan out. September always feels like a new beginning, and I really am glad it's here this year. And once things have decided what will happen, I think I'll be glad to have recorded it. So, I'm going to shoot for at least once a week.
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  • So, I'm in the job interview process for a job I really, really want that would move me across the country. I am excited about the possibility. I am hugely nervous. I am conflicted.
  • I don't know when they'd want me to go, and if I go soon I may not be able to see the Poet in October. Even though we'd arrange another time, that tugs on me and aches. . .I didn't expect him at all, and it's hard to know how to gauge the whole thing. He wrote me a poem, and even in translation it's striking. ( ) 
  • I am exhausted beyond belief from being in this city. Even the crazy weekend that was PiCon was more restful than a simple Sunday here.
  • Being in a city that doesn't seem to have a fannish presence is weird and uncomfortable, I'm noticing. 
  • There are people and entities and things I will miss in New York, but I really think I need to leave.
  • How do you know Home when you find it??
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In the last since whenever, I have:
  • Moved happily into Watson & Watson Headquarters, home of Team Shiny.
  • Broken up with someone.
  • Given up a few schemes.
  • Made a new friend.
  • Done a bunch of tarot readings.
  • Looked for a new job, without success. 
  • Tombé amoureux d'un Poète russe.
  • Continued in my Pagan studies, landing the lead role in a play about Rhiannon.
  • Watched the first season of Downton Abbey.
  • Remained reasonably healthy.
How's by all y'all?

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This year, I:
  • Quit nannying
  • Moved out of Brooklyn, to Northampton, MA
  • Worked with the kids at the Quaker retreat
  • Tried out being a UU
  • Considered divinity school
  • Ended a long-term relationship/engagement
  • Was unemployed for several months
  • Had to live with in-laws and friends for several months
  • Moved back to Brooklyn
  • Did QA work and got paid for it
  • Took a job that doesn't pay enough with a boss who I don't get along with
  • Joined a coven
  • Went to Philcon and had a fantastic time
  • Sang publicly for the first time since being on T
  • Had a scare when I threw my back out
  • Continued raising the kitten
  • Lost a little weight
  • Started a new relationship
  • Started a Pagan blog
  • Realized how bad a fit NYC is for me
  • Started making plans to move to Boston
Generally, my overarching goal for 2011 was to increase the mindfulness and intention I bring to my life. I feel I succeeded in that goal. None of the things that have happened have been truly problematic, and I can see the path out of the difficult bits, which was so untrue last year that it hurt. All in all, I've done ok.

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I don't have to be miserable. I don't have to stay in a place that I don't love. I owe it to myself to tidy up loose ends and make sure I land on my feet as much as possible, but I don't have to stick it out.

Blessed Yule.
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--I have a crush.
--I love my job. I'm really good at it, which helps.
--The coven I went to at Midsummer is becoming a real spiritual home and opening some interesting doors.
--I have been having really swinging moods. I am mostly okay, but the moods swing, and the music playlists shuffle rather dramatically.
--Playing WoW again.
--I love Nimbus so much! He makes things better.
--The weather is finally cool!
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 I just need to post about all the good self-care stuff I managed this weekend, so I can look at it when I am having trouble remembering how to do self-care. This weekend was like the extreme sport version.

--I processed the cat situation and the emotions around it with my Nestmates, and we got to a really good place.
--I pre-screened for health insurance.
--I called to get a counselling referral.
--I paid my rent, electric, and internet bills, and paid for my new binders.
--I planned meals for the week.
--I went grocery shopping, which turned into an epic endurance test with a really heavy backpack, and I hauled it all home under my own power.
--I cleaned the cat's box and dishes.
--I made my bed.
--I did an epic amount of laundry.
--I swept my room.
--I went to the library.
--I scheduled upcoming budgeting/administrative tasks.
--I have eaten reasonably well.
--I have slept reasonably well.
--I have had (admittedly limited) social time.

In conclusion, I win.

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My cat is in the window, sushi is on its way, and I'm watching The Wicker Man. A lot of other stuff has gone on, but right now everything is okay.
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Tonight I went to a coven Midsummer celebration. It was a great group of people, moving and wonderful and just a perfect fit. I'm thrilled!
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Just what it says on the tin. Safely ensconced with friends while I sort out a job and housing. I miss Nimbus, and feel overwhelmed by stuff, but things are mostly good I think.
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Haven't posted in a while, so here's the skinny.
--Moving back to NYC next week, staying with friends and then moving into my own place and bringing Nimbus down.
--Cadence and I are taking a break, sorta. 
--Working on the job situation.
--Working on finding UUs and pagans I mesh with in the city.
--Meeting up with Someone on the 4th, which should be interesting.
Off to the Quaker retreat for the weekend, see you all Tuesday! Have great weekends and stay safe.