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I just have to keep going. Braces and school are exhausting, but I just have to finish.

I really miss my dancers. It'd be good to be around people in control of their bodies.
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I got through the whole workout today. Now I am shaky. But wow. I kick ass. Full workout, no modifications other than skipping the hip machine and having Coach hand down the pulldown bar, and workling myself hard, to complete muscle failure. (This is a good thing.) Plus, 10 minutes of cardio before and after.

May well have a tutoring gig lined up, and I'm on Craigslist looking for more.
If I can finish this paper I win at life.
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Right now, you smell bad, you're trapped in a messy room, you have cramps, you're tired, you're burnt out, and you're bored. You want out? Want a shower, and something good to eat, and to check your mail, and clean your room, and go to the concert tonight? Yeah?
No love,
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Sorry for co-opting a rugby song, but it fits the tone.
I am a bad student and nothing makes me wanna be a good one right now.
Sometimes I wish I were a praise whore. It might help.

History by itself is stupid. It needs context and shading and depth, at least for me.
And I hate religion.

"Someone tell her, someone get her up!"
"Left foot, right foot, just the way we showed you."

It's late, I should make the choice to sleep or be brilliant.
A shot of Baileys would be nice.
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Hopefully my pretty filmic cotton candy doesn't stand out as being any worse than all the freshmen in my class. I am a film student. I have paid my dues. I took a class on Expressionism, if that was not due-paying I don't know what is. I am a third year film student and I come up with confectioner's sugar instead of an actual thought. Grrrr argh and I want to be brilliant goddamn it. Ok. Time to hand copy the stupid thing (no printer) and then do grammar til I fall asleep.
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