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Hanging out quietly at home. Did some divination for a friend, now pondering a movie or digging back into the new William Gibson. Cadence and I went to a signing last night, which was amazing as always. Work was good this week, and things were busy, and things are mostly good. Tomorrow I'm submitting to a poetry magazine, so we'll see if my piece is a good fit. I'm pondering doing NaNo, but I know I don't actually have time. I'm lucky if I tweet every day.

Nothing much else to say. I miss Mike and Grailwood, but I'm mostly OK, and excited for November.

How's by you?
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I ordered my dad a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for his birthday, on Amazon.
I paid extra so it'd arrive on the day, which is Wednesday.
I wrote a note. This is what the note said: "Happy 45th birthday, Dad. Your loving son, CJ"
I may be crazy.
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Thank god for Jeanette Winterson's website, which has snippets of her reading from her books in the soft soothing voice. Not quite a lullaby, but a hush, shh,shh, sleep, rest.
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I love how when I'm reading a road novel I don't want to stop. I use the table of contents like a road map, judging when the next rest stop is, then get up to stretch or grab a soda. FIve or ten minutes, then back on the road. Covering pages like miles, themes like highways, familiar quotations or places like state parks, and chapters like little unknown towns waiting to be discovered. I feel like I'm on the greatest vacation ever. And actually, I'm doing homework.
Sometimes life is beautiful.
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. . .that I can be level-nine miserable and feeling like the prince of incompetence, and the combination of talking to my girl, making plans, buying new books, and finishing a few pesky errand-type things makes me feel happy and look forward to the future?
This will make sense to maybe two people, but Mica's taking me to Build-A-Bear! Finally!! *happy little boi squee*
It is good to have people in your life that help you be happy to live it. I am so lucky to have so very many of you.
One of my favorite people opened a bookstore! They have GLBT and women's studies sections! Yay! A copy of Even Cowgirls Get The Blues for 25 cents. Also, my copy of Fun Home arrived today.
I am happy again.
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