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Suddenly, looking at my wardrobe for this trip, I realize that somewhere along the way I learned how to dress like an adult. I'm a bit surprised.
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Oh. My. Goodness.

Today I went out shopping for interview pants. I wasn't really finding anything pants-wise at H&M. Thankfully, I had my Fashion Guru, Cupcake, with me. He took me to Macy's.

On Labor Day Weekend.
In Herald Square.

This was a mistake. I tried on so many things and nothing fit. Blech. And then I went to Gap and bought dove-grey khakis and they're fine.

Then I went back to H&M and picked up an irresistible cotton-silk sweater in bright blue. Because dammit, I look GOOD in cotton-silk. 

Also I went to Lush and got travel-sized toiletries for the trip. 

I'm ready for an adventure, y'all!

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Please to be reminding me that I don't need purple Doc Marten oxfords. Even if I want them really really badly.
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"got our first bar trip all planned out. you won't be able to find the floor at the end of the night."

can we say AMEN. I need a drink.
I bought shirts yesterday. they are cute. I'd offer pics but we all know how bad I am about that whole concept, so never mind. one is an orange tshirt and one is a black buttondown trendy shirt.
my hair is clean and i'm contemplating the dye store tomorrow.
I've read over nine hundred pages in English this weekend and have not touched the commentaire that may be due at five p.m. tomorrow. Ooops.
i can't decide what needs to be eaten. . .oh, i should finish the bread.
I feel like shooting pool. nevermind that i don't know how.
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