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It's Samhain, and I'm not feeling super great, so I may not manage a big ritual this weekend. This is my virtual offering to some of my beloved dead:

To my grandfather Cy, caramels, songs sung off-key, and the biggest hugs in the world.
To my grandmother Mabel, a slice of blackberry pie and late night summer drives listening to Patsy Cline.
To Aunt Janice and Aunt Kathy, endless cups of coffee and hands of cards.
To my grandfather Jim, grilled cheese sandwiches and fishing trips.
To Jen, cake, pink nail polish, and happily ever after.
To Charlie , fry bread, sage smoke, good music, and grace.
To Nikki, an ice cream soda and a really good story.
To Aunt Anne, a lemon bar and an unintentionally dirty joke.
To Puck, a glass of wine and a surprise recitation of Shakespeare.
To the pets: Lucy, Nigel, Joshua, Latte, Licorice, Ginger, Woody, and Tommy, all the snuggles in the world.

To all the lost, to all departed, you are mourned. You are missed. You are not forgotten.

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My mom's cat died today. He was six and a half. She thinks he got into some antifreeze or something. She found him lying outside, limp but warm. . .and he threw up on the way to the vet, and then he just was gone. He was my big, gray, long-haired, polydactyl monsterkitten. When he was a baby, his coat didn't really shine yet because he was so fluffy, and he would hide under the bed and he looked like a giant dust bunny. When he got older, he used to climb down the side of our house, which was sided with rough wood shingles. He'd jump off the second-story porch and go down, and you could hear him thinking "Spider-Cat! I am Spider-Cat!"
I loved him very much. Not feeling eloquent about it, but. . .I loved him.
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