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I start work tomorrow at my new job. I have a new kitten, and tomorrow I'm filling out the forms for a new apartment.
Things are all very new all of a sudden.
School is kicking my ass and I don't really know what to do about that other than to try and push on through.
I'm very nervous lately. Hopefully that will ease up soon.
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I hereby declare my first quarter of grad school complete. All done. Now to wait for grades.
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So, I'm finally enrolled in classes! Here's my first quarter:
Professional and Social Aspects of Info Services
Info Resources and Services I
Action Research and Statistics

I'm nervous about stats, but otherwise pretty stoked.
Started a babysitting job today, and I'm modeling three times next week.
I feel pretty good about things today.

I wish Mica were here, though.
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I'm a grad student!!!!!!!!!! I just got my acceptance letter from Drexel, and they've also awarded me a Dean's Fellowship, which means I get lots of money off my education. YAY! So, in short, win. *dances around*
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I have official confirmation that my Drexel application is complete and up for review. As long as they don't need anything extra, the Powers That Be will let me know by mail in four to eight weeks. . .seeing as the quarter starts September 24th, I should know pretty soon. Fingers crossed!

A reminder--if you haven't left your phone number in the "New Phone" post, please do!
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