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I was evicted, or nearly. The drama went down, for sure. I was running scared, and trying to move, and shoving things in boxes, and trying to find a place to leave Cleo. I was dealing with Josh, and I had just been laid off, and I pretty much felt like I'd never be safe again.

Fast forward to today. I have a good job that's not going anywhere. I'm about to move again, this weekend, to a gorgeous apartment of my own, with my fiancee, in a beautiful neighborhood in this wonderful city. Although I haven't gotten fully together financially yet, I'm cleaning things up quickly. My transition has been moving forward by leaps and bounds. I've made new friends and caught up with old ones. I'm learning to live on my own, without my grandmom to hold things together in the family or my dad to give advice. I feel like I have aged ten years in this one.

And on a less philosophical note, I would be really happy if we could stay in the same apartment for, like, five years now. Holy crap, am I tired of moving.
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I ordered my dad a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for his birthday, on Amazon.
I paid extra so it'd arrive on the day, which is Wednesday.
I wrote a note. This is what the note said: "Happy 45th birthday, Dad. Your loving son, CJ"
I may be crazy.
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Family sucks. I did an hour of overtime at work.  I am exhausted. I am going to watch All Dogs Go To Heaven now.

Name the quote. No Google. Hint: from an early '90s computer game.
"Willie know bad is always where you forget to look."

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So I don't really like the inter-parental tension that's going on right now, and my brother's being kind of a dick.
I miss my Mica. But there is good news. I finished everything I needed to finish, I saw the people I needed to see, I got a book I needed to get.
Good news for the coming year is that my mother has finally decided to give up her cat, meaning that when I move we will have to find a kitty-friendly abode for me and the monster and whoever else ends up in my living area.
My dad is being pragmatic lately and it is kind of the suck. I wish he'd take me seriously once in a while.
I am letting the family use my computer, which is aggravating because I find all these programs open when I come back to it. None of them are Mac users so it freaks me out a bit. Blah, morning rants. I'm sure I'll be more interesting at some point.
Happy holidays, everyone.
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