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Best day in ages. . .stress free, full of snuggles and love and food and parental approval.
And kissing.
Also, La femme Nikita and The Dark Knight.

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I'm going to apply to film school.
"The best I can hope for now is that everything will collapse and I will have to move, I don't know, somewhere horrible, so I can rise again from the ashes, like the phoenix."--Cynthia Kaplan

"So you're the kind that deals with the games in the mind, well you confused me in a way that I've never known."--Savage Garden
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I just watched Angels In America straight through.

I have some things to think about.
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I sit here, shivering and feeling kinda sick, and cold, and it's just. . .lack. I want to watch a movie about someone who is also sick and cold and lacking, because movies aren't real, they're beautiful and tragic and even in death everyone's hair is perfect and even in anger everyone's words are scripted and there is no error, there is no extra, really, because every single element is necessary to convey the whole point, even if there is no point, every moment builds sometimes to this phenomenal lack of point and we wonder why that was made into a movie at all and the reason that it bothers us is because it is like life. In movies the line "I took the Xanax and the Ritalin together. It had never occured to me.*" doesn't convey an urgent need for a stomach pump, it's something glorious and almost noble, forcing the gates of death in one's own time.

*= The Hours

Don't mind me, it just hit me as odd.
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So I'm watching Rocko's Modern Life and it's the episode where Rocko and the gang take over Ralph Bighead's new cartoon, "Wacky Delly." TWO priceless moments.
In the very beginning, as Ralph is screening the last episode of "The Fatheads" with three yes-men sitting around him:
YM1: It's a credit to your genius!
YM2: A triumph of your will!
YM3: It's okay.

(Hint. They omitted the word "Master.")

As the guys are rushing to put the second episode of "Wacky Delly" in the can:
Hef: Just turn on the lights!
Phil: That'll expose the film, Eisenstien!

Eisenstien. Soviet Montage, Lady J!
EDIT: And the mockery of Fantasia!
Oh. My. God. That's why they took the show off the air. It's too fucking brilliant. Also, the recycling episode says, in so many words, that you can fight Corporate America.
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I find it interesting and confusing that I create internal conflict by imagining situations that are highly unlikely to happen and getting really really upset about them. It bothers me.

Today's Cat and Girl ( is for Lady J. Meshes of an Afternoon, yo!
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~Bleeding. Coping with that. OWWW. If you talk to me you may hear me whine about it. Ouch ouch ouch.
~Everyone in the world should see Fauteuils d'orchestre. Because it's light and sweet and beautiful. And if C├ęcile de France is gay, someone give her my number, please. I would marry her. She's. . .I just want to cuddle her and kiss her and spoil her and worship the ground she walks on and have crazy amounts of sex. Forever.
~Going through some old emails, I realize: Once upon a time I was a really really good girlfriend. This gives me hope for the future.
~Things of the good: big snuggly blankets, beautiful weather, women singers, Cunt, good friends like Mademoiselle Liz, whole-grain bread, chai, and brownies.
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Hopefully my pretty filmic cotton candy doesn't stand out as being any worse than all the freshmen in my class. I am a film student. I have paid my dues. I took a class on Expressionism, if that was not due-paying I don't know what is. I am a third year film student and I come up with confectioner's sugar instead of an actual thought. Grrrr argh and I want to be brilliant goddamn it. Ok. Time to hand copy the stupid thing (no printer) and then do grammar til I fall asleep.
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