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 I just need to post about all the good self-care stuff I managed this weekend, so I can look at it when I am having trouble remembering how to do self-care. This weekend was like the extreme sport version.

--I processed the cat situation and the emotions around it with my Nestmates, and we got to a really good place.
--I pre-screened for health insurance.
--I called to get a counselling referral.
--I paid my rent, electric, and internet bills, and paid for my new binders.
--I planned meals for the week.
--I went grocery shopping, which turned into an epic endurance test with a really heavy backpack, and I hauled it all home under my own power.
--I cleaned the cat's box and dishes.
--I made my bed.
--I did an epic amount of laundry.
--I swept my room.
--I went to the library.
--I scheduled upcoming budgeting/administrative tasks.
--I have eaten reasonably well.
--I have slept reasonably well.
--I have had (admittedly limited) social time.

In conclusion, I win.

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  • I have not yet done a Pi-Con wrap up, which makes it highly unlikely that I will actually do one, so for the record, it was freakin' awesome, I had a great time, and I now have a lion.
  • Speaking of the lion! His name is Aloysius, and he is the Lion of Chance. He was named by [ profile] shadesong, and he has a collar of dice, and he helped with my shot today because I was having muscle tension of doom, and he is basically the rockingest lion ever. Pictures eventually.
  • I am back on, once again tracking my exercise and food intake. Here's hoping I can get back into some good habits.
  • I have been writing, a bit! I am thinking of retooling the Headvoices so that they're not a script, and tell a more coherent story. If anyone has thoughts on this, do comment! If you'd like to read them, they're tagged as "voice" here.
  • I am applying to Brooklyn College because they have a Master's program in French teaching for 7th-12th grade. This is exciting.
  • I have three (three! wow!) interviews lined up so far for tutoring gigs, on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Good vibes, prayers, thoughts, energy, incantations, etc. would be much appreciated.
  • I have been horrible at making plans to see people, mostly because I keep getting hit by the nap-hammer. HOWEVER! I got through today (a shot day, even!) with no nap, so hopefully I can stop sleeping so much extra.
  • Yay #Roombed.
I should really get to the non-electronic part of my day now. . .'night, gang.

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I haven't been sleeping much lately. I keep being up and good to go at ten and eleven and midnight, and then crashing during the day. I feel like I'm totally behind on everything and I never get anything done. I also get kinda worried because it's really obvious that Cadence and I are on totally different schedules, sleeping and time wise, and I wonder how that's going to intersect when we live together, especially if I change work shifts.

I've been meeting really weird cool new people, it's awesome and fun and I feel like doors are opening all over the place. I just wish I was getting some more sleep. Being more careful around caffeine would probably help, but I'm just tired anyway and then also having caffeine withdrawal when I try and cut it.

I haven't spoken to my father in over a month.

deflecting responsibility--doing okay with this one
spending more than $50/wk on food--this has been completely scrapped
avoiding creative projects--I'm working on writing again

Dragon food plan--I've been eating better, at least. I dunno if you'd call it a plan though
Use Mint effectively and pay bills on time--Mint is kind of a fail, bill paying is something I'm working on
Go back into analysis--I have people to call, but haven't called them
Blog daily--HA.
Name change--My court date for this is Thursday, and I feel good about it.
Start a new physical activity--Was sorta okay on the five rites, hoping to start Seido sometime soon, maybe.

Yeah. . .stagnation. Bleh.
I need some space, it feels like. I want a new space now, so I can really sort out what goes in it. I always prefer to move in February and March, it feels like the time to purge and restructure and move on. I'm reaching for something but I'm not quite sure what.

Resolution update:
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Resolution update!

Deflecting responsibility--Ongoing, seem to be doing okay.
Spending more than $50/wk on food--Haven't been tracking as aggressively as I ought to, but again, seem to be doing okay.
Avoiding creative projects--big fail. Must do better!

Dragon food plan--Excellent! Feeling better, seem to be getting enough cals!
Use Mint effectively and pay bills on time--Working on this. Need to file more, get more done.
Go back into analysis--haven't really started looking at this yet
Blog daily--Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's crap. But it's here every damn day, so.
Name change--on my calendar to start in February
Start a new physical activity--just got on board with the exercises here

Poll: What would you like to hear more about? Leave it in the comments!
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What is dragon food?
Dragon food is fresh veggies, fresh or dried fruit, dips, hummus, cereals, trail mix, oatmeal, chips, chocolate, sushi, rice, and lots of other things. Dragon food fits easily in bento, small tupperware, or a baggie, is in small sections or chunks, and is quick to grab. It is generally calorie-dense. It is not necessarily consumed in meals, more in small, as-needed bursts throughout the day.
The goals of eating this way are to diffuse my anxiety around food, reduce my food budget by avoiding takeout, and make sure I get enough nutrients. Calorie goal is a minimum of 1300 daily. Mostly it's supposed to keep me eating and get me to pack lunches.
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In which I would just like to note that today I ate something before eight o'clock in the morning. And I'm planning what productive thing to do this evening. Wednesday night group, Thursday evening coffee.

Desperately need a shower--off to that now.
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No longer hungry,
Full of bento box goodness.
Thanks, Arigato.
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They could bring me some glazed doughnuts. Preferably Krispy Kreme, but Dunkin Donuts will do, or some local maker of glazed donuts. Please. Anyone.

This is what happens when I dream about doughnuts.
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It's 11:49 on a school night and we're going to Denny's. Hells yeah. And we're sober.
Also found out that the hotel we're booked in is the world's shortest cab ride from the bar we wanted to try.
I love my Mica. I miss you, baby.
EDIT: Duuuuuuuuude. I was mofo hungry.
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Wow, we've been cooking. We made a delicious cheese soufflé, and a sweet potato pie is currently in the oven.
Also, having a wonderful time in general. School in 16 days.
Later we swim.

Who needs help, and what do they need help woth, and can I get back into doing things like that for people?
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It's officially That Time of Year. By mid-April my delicious meat and cheese meltdowns must give way to fruits, veggies, and rice. Occasional pasta and ice cream, and a Gaslight burger every now and again. Sushi as desired, of course. But it's definitely beginning to be summertime, and that means food must change, otherwise my system will go into full shock when I get home and there's no food. Especially because although May and June will be spent bouncing around as many states as I can manage, July will be spent at home, working at gifted camp. No food time. (My mother, bless her, cannot stand buying groceries, and I'm rather sick of the mile walk with a gallon of detergent, a gallon of milk, and 30 pounds of food on my back, once a week.) And August. . . *wicked grin*. August is county fairs and camping and kayaking and generally enjoying being a wild heathen and trying to make money drumming, and getting sunburned and playing hard so that I've stored up enough summer to get me through until the next one.

Get through the finals, and then restore myself in the best way I know how.
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