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If you are going to Pi-Con, tell me so I can make plans with you!
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Not ODU! I just completed the biggest overhaul to date on the new site, and it's GOOD! I WIN! And it was hard and made me grumpy and I wasn't sure about it and had to do it over about ten times, but I DID it, and it's DONE and I win!!!!!!
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Level 10.
I can haz it.

I'm going to bed.
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I love the guys at the comic book store because they are totally aware that I have another persona that they haven't seen yet. Also, my favorite tends to refer to me warmly as "Miss," always with a smile and an "It was good to see you." It's a great break from work.

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So, my fabulous girlfriend is getting me some classic game system for Christmas, probably a PS2 (ok, not so classic) or a Nintendo 64. I am making a list of games I want. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.
I'm not breaking them down by console, because some have been made for each game. I only want about two games to start, I just thought I'd come up with a list.

Super Mario 64
Mario Kart
Dr. Mario--etc. Things that are Mario.
Castlevania--as early in the series as possible.
Katamari Damacy--please please please?
Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy--as early as possible.
Myst? maybe? I don't know if it's available or worth it?
The Sims 2

Tops of this list are Super Mario 64 for the N64 OR Katamari Damacy for PS2.
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So I'm watching Rocko's Modern Life and it's the episode where Rocko and the gang take over Ralph Bighead's new cartoon, "Wacky Delly." TWO priceless moments.
In the very beginning, as Ralph is screening the last episode of "The Fatheads" with three yes-men sitting around him:
YM1: It's a credit to your genius!
YM2: A triumph of your will!
YM3: It's okay.

(Hint. They omitted the word "Master.")

As the guys are rushing to put the second episode of "Wacky Delly" in the can:
Hef: Just turn on the lights!
Phil: That'll expose the film, Eisenstien!

Eisenstien. Soviet Montage, Lady J!
EDIT: And the mockery of Fantasia!
Oh. My. God. That's why they took the show off the air. It's too fucking brilliant. Also, the recycling episode says, in so many words, that you can fight Corporate America.


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