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This year's goals will be simpler:
  • Listen to my body, and nourish it with food and movement.
  • Solidify my meditation practice, including more moving meditation.
  • Explore new areas in the city.
  • Do something creative every week.
  • Dress for the social life I want to have.
What will you be doing this year?
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Here were the goals I planned on this year, and how they went:
  • Keep track of all the books I read--Done! 59 this year, which is an improvement over last year.
  • Finish applying to Starr King School for the Ministry, and hopefully begin classes in the fall.--This has been scrapped. It just wasn't taking the shape I needed.
  • Finish a crochet project.--Nope. Didn't even get it properly started.
  • Get a haircut I like.--Yup yup! A couple of different ones, in fact.
  • Get a new tattoo.--An awesome one, drawn by a dear friend and done on my birthday.
  • Start all the medical/dental stuff I've been putting off.--Sorta? I ended up switching insurance and doctors towards the end of the year, so I'm back at square one but moving more quickly.
  • Send more letters, post cards, packages, and flowers--at least something every month.--An utter fail.
  • Take a trip somewhere I've never been.--Another fail. I didn't travel anywhere near enough this year.
  • Decorate my apartment.--Which one? I moved a lot, and decorated a bit in each place.
  • Learn to make a new food.--Not a new food so much, but I did craft some new dishes, mostly involving throwing things together in a loaf pan and baking until they were food.
  • Find a local place to hang out outside of my apartment.--Sorta? I've moved about, so there's different spots now, but I have a few I like.
  • Take Nimbus to a park.--Done! He didn't care for it much.
So. Four wins, four fails, four halfway-theres. I think I aimed high this year, and the energy that could have gone into these went into some different things instead. Here are my other accomplishments of the year:
  • Changed jobs twice, doing a stint in foreign-language social media and then moving to a startup environment with some amazing people and a great vision.
  • Moved into SF proper, which has opened a bunch of doors.
  • Joined a Goddess church, which has been a lovely outpouring of community, a great way to honor my syncretic roots, and a wonderful connection to this time and place.
  • Became a published, paid author.
Lots to think about. I'm not sure yet what I want out of 2015.

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This year I want to focus more on stuff to do and skills to build, so I plan to:
  • Keep track of all the books I read--I did this for 2013 and managed to get to a book a week average, which feels pretty awesome.
  • Finish applying to Starr King School for the Ministry, and hopefully begin classes in the fall.
  • Finish a crochet project.
  • Get a haircut I like.
  • Get a new tattoo.
  • Start all the medical/dental stuff I've been putting off.
  • Send more letters, post cards, packages, and flowers--at least something every month.
  • Take a trip somewhere I've never been.
  • Decorate my apartment.
  • Learn to make a new food.
  • Find a local place to hang out outside of my apartment.
  • Take Nimbus to a park.
Let's go!

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--Keep track of all the books I read.
--Get down to 135 pounds.
--Renew my passport.
--Keep on top of bills and keep paying down debt.
--Keep working on figuring out my spiritual path.
--Make my apartment awesome.
--Enjoy the year.

Not resolutions per se, but goals, and ones I think I can meet.
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This year, I:
  • Quit nannying
  • Moved out of Brooklyn, to Northampton, MA
  • Worked with the kids at the Quaker retreat
  • Tried out being a UU
  • Considered divinity school
  • Ended a long-term relationship/engagement
  • Was unemployed for several months
  • Had to live with in-laws and friends for several months
  • Moved back to Brooklyn
  • Did QA work and got paid for it
  • Took a job that doesn't pay enough with a boss who I don't get along with
  • Joined a coven
  • Went to Philcon and had a fantastic time
  • Sang publicly for the first time since being on T
  • Had a scare when I threw my back out
  • Continued raising the kitten
  • Lost a little weight
  • Started a new relationship
  • Started a Pagan blog
  • Realized how bad a fit NYC is for me
  • Started making plans to move to Boston
Generally, my overarching goal for 2011 was to increase the mindfulness and intention I bring to my life. I feel I succeeded in that goal. None of the things that have happened have been truly problematic, and I can see the path out of the difficult bits, which was so untrue last year that it hurt. All in all, I've done ok.

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We've had a good day so far. It started out rocky, because we woke up at 8:15 realizing that no one had woken us up at four. This would have been A Cause for Much Rejoicing, except that our alarm clock is one small fuzzy gray monster named Nimbus, and it's not like him to shirk! We realized he hadn't touched his food or water all night, which triggered a search and rescue party. A quick look through the house had us in a panic, because our very vocal baby wasn't making a sound, and after opening every room, closet, and cupboard we still hadn't uncovered him. We began to fear the worst. Cadence and her dad made two separate checks of the porches and the basement with no luck. Nearly in tears, I walked out onto the porch and called him while shaking the bag of treats. He began to mew piteously--our poor baby had gotten outside and hidden under the porch at around midnight when Cadence set the trash out! He'd squeezed himself under the porch and couldn't find his way back out. The power drill made quick work of removing a section of lattice, and we carried him inside and fixed him warm food and gave him lots of love. He's completely fine, but it was a hell of a scare!

Swinging so quickly from terrified to joyful gave me a jolt back into the meaning of the equinox. We strive to achieve balance in activity and rest, in joy and sorrow, in courage and fear. We preach moderation and abstinence. I was reminded how important it is to balance all things, to remember gratitude for what we have, and not just focus on what we lack. I needed that reminder.
We went out for coffee and desserts because Dad's birthday is tomorrow and mine is on Thursday. I got a really yummy red velvet cupcake. I forgot to check in on Foursquare, which I'd like to start doing more of to give a little boost to local businesses I like. Hopefully when we move I can be more mindful about that. Then we went to the Dreaming Goddess, which is a metaphysical shop here in Poughkeepsie (again, meant to check in but am not in the habit yet!) and Mom got me a zodiac wheel sticker that I am  using to decorate the Cr-48. (Yes, I got a Cr-48 from Google's pilot program!! It's amazing and I adore it.) I also picked up a magical almanac for the year (one of the Llewellyn ones), which was on sale and which I'm hoping to incorporate into my mindfulness goal by using it to be more aware of things like the moon phase and sign for each day.
Speaking of mindfulness, I am working more of that into my daily spiritual practices as well. I exercise every morning at the same time that I pull my tarot card for the day, consciously trying to bring together physical and spiritual mindfulness. I have also (re)started making a checklist every morning of the things I want to get done each day. It's been helpful, in part because we won't have a real daily schedule until we move.
Speaking of moving, we are well on our way! Our final approval for the apartment we've decided on should come through by Monday, and we'll be moving on April 1st! Hopefully we'll have jobs lined up by then or shortly thereafter. I'm quite pleased. I love my in-laws, and they've been absolutely wonderful, but it has been a bit draining to be here so long and it'll be good to have our own space again.
As I have been doing, I also crafted a list of goals for the season, and here they are: 
1. Finish moving to Massachusetts. 
2. Find and maintain gainful employment. 
3. Choose and begin the next writing project.
4. Get the cat neutered.
5. Set up an altar and working space in the new apartment. 
6. Begin a t'ai chi class, or at least regular practice. 
7. Plan the wedding!
That's all for now. How's by you?
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For the new year, I decided to make seasonal goals. The first set of goals extends until the Spring Equinox. I have accomplished two of them so far! This week!

  1.  Move to Massachusetts. This is literally half-done, as we have moved our things but not ourselves.
  2.  Get a job in Massachusetts. Still looking. And hoping.
  3.  Submit a poem for publication somewhere.
  4.  Figure out what spiritual path I'm supposed to be following.
Goals three and four? Yeah. I did those in the past five days.
OHAI, I am a rockstar.

That is all.

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I've fired up my interest in Paganism again, and with that renewed fire comes an interesting revelation. I realized that as soon as I get more interested in one thing (spirituality, for example),I have a renewed interest in EVERYTHING I like. I've spent this weekend meditating, singing, reading about religions, installing Ubuntu, and updating career plans and goals.

It's neat, that's all.
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