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I am posting now.
Some notes:
I have exercised two days in a row! Go me!
I am being good about using the calendar.
I'm working on defining why and when I want the praise that I do, because it's definitely an issue in multiple situations. I'm looking to be a pleaser and then not getting much feedback and feeling neglected.
I am being reasonably good about food, and actually really good about intake! And breakfast!
The weather has been nice here.

Grateful for:
The girlfriend
Late shifts at work
My Friday night plans. . . *impish glee*
Remembering to buy shave stuff today
The girlfriend
Having signed up for the Landmark Forum. . . I'm really looking forward to that
Going to Noho this month!
Exercises that feel good
Vitamins that taste good
The girlfriend
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And because I am still angry, a list of things I am grateful for right now:
My girlfriend
Internet radio
Sweet potato chili
Leather jackets
Jeanette Winterson
Public transit
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Seeing so many friends today.
Girlfriend time.
Seeing Kate Bornstein speak.
Hugging Kate Bornstein.
Eating an appropriate number of meals today.
Learning how to work my cell phone.
Really amazing sex.
Classes starting soon.
Dining halls being open.

Slightly less awesome:
Lighting design tomorrow. . .it scares me a tad.
Hour of said lighting design.
My cold.

All in all, positives outweigh negatives.
Love to you all. All of you, love.
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I have housing placement and shall be in Mead, turns out they are also doing room placement and it will be teh r0x0r. And I'm pretty sure it means I get to play with a dumbwaiter. Oh, the fun I shall have.
*fuuuuuuuuzy head!* I love my hair.
Good times shall be had by all, for I have:
A summer job
Housing placement
A good schedule (pending Monday's registration, but really. senior. *points to self*)
A school year job
Amazing travel plans
Great friends
The most amazing family EVER
The ability to laugh at myself
Fantastic soon-to-be green hair

And that's today's gratitude list.
Oh, and RENT hits theaters here next week. FINALLY.


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