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Happily moved to Berkeley!
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We've had a good day so far. It started out rocky, because we woke up at 8:15 realizing that no one had woken us up at four. This would have been A Cause for Much Rejoicing, except that our alarm clock is one small fuzzy gray monster named Nimbus, and it's not like him to shirk! We realized he hadn't touched his food or water all night, which triggered a search and rescue party. A quick look through the house had us in a panic, because our very vocal baby wasn't making a sound, and after opening every room, closet, and cupboard we still hadn't uncovered him. We began to fear the worst. Cadence and her dad made two separate checks of the porches and the basement with no luck. Nearly in tears, I walked out onto the porch and called him while shaking the bag of treats. He began to mew piteously--our poor baby had gotten outside and hidden under the porch at around midnight when Cadence set the trash out! He'd squeezed himself under the porch and couldn't find his way back out. The power drill made quick work of removing a section of lattice, and we carried him inside and fixed him warm food and gave him lots of love. He's completely fine, but it was a hell of a scare!

Swinging so quickly from terrified to joyful gave me a jolt back into the meaning of the equinox. We strive to achieve balance in activity and rest, in joy and sorrow, in courage and fear. We preach moderation and abstinence. I was reminded how important it is to balance all things, to remember gratitude for what we have, and not just focus on what we lack. I needed that reminder.
We went out for coffee and desserts because Dad's birthday is tomorrow and mine is on Thursday. I got a really yummy red velvet cupcake. I forgot to check in on Foursquare, which I'd like to start doing more of to give a little boost to local businesses I like. Hopefully when we move I can be more mindful about that. Then we went to the Dreaming Goddess, which is a metaphysical shop here in Poughkeepsie (again, meant to check in but am not in the habit yet!) and Mom got me a zodiac wheel sticker that I am  using to decorate the Cr-48. (Yes, I got a Cr-48 from Google's pilot program!! It's amazing and I adore it.) I also picked up a magical almanac for the year (one of the Llewellyn ones), which was on sale and which I'm hoping to incorporate into my mindfulness goal by using it to be more aware of things like the moon phase and sign for each day.
Speaking of mindfulness, I am working more of that into my daily spiritual practices as well. I exercise every morning at the same time that I pull my tarot card for the day, consciously trying to bring together physical and spiritual mindfulness. I have also (re)started making a checklist every morning of the things I want to get done each day. It's been helpful, in part because we won't have a real daily schedule until we move.
Speaking of moving, we are well on our way! Our final approval for the apartment we've decided on should come through by Monday, and we'll be moving on April 1st! Hopefully we'll have jobs lined up by then or shortly thereafter. I'm quite pleased. I love my in-laws, and they've been absolutely wonderful, but it has been a bit draining to be here so long and it'll be good to have our own space again.
As I have been doing, I also crafted a list of goals for the season, and here they are: 
1. Finish moving to Massachusetts. 
2. Find and maintain gainful employment. 
3. Choose and begin the next writing project.
4. Get the cat neutered.
5. Set up an altar and working space in the new apartment. 
6. Begin a t'ai chi class, or at least regular practice. 
7. Plan the wedding!
That's all for now. How's by you?
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Lots of things. --My name change is coming out in the paper on Wednesday. --I'm 25. --Cadence and I found and applied for and got a beautiful apartment in Bay Ridge, to move in April 15. --Cadence and I are officially engaged. Like, with a ring and all, although it isn't on her finger just yet. Can I just say I love my life? 'Cause I do.
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For someone who's being accused (by my father) of being isolationist, I sure do have a ton of friends. The phone is always ringing, I can always find company, I never have to be alone unless I want to. This past week, I've had people with me on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I have had more good conversations, face-to-face, in the past seven days than I had had in the three months prior. I've been having intimate encounters, slumber parties, heart-to-heart chats, movie-watching, intellectual debates, and gigglefests. I feel connected to the city and to people. I've been getting and giving support. I'm not feeling touch-deprived for the first time in I don't even know how long, and although I approach things with a healthy caution, I have no fear and very little self-doubt. I know what I need to do and most of how to do it, and I feel good about where I am and where I'm going.

I'm really, truly happy.
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Today is a day so beautiful I feel optimistic and peaceful and wondrous. Each small act offers a satisfaction that is complete and sensual. It is a good day for Hemingway.
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So, I'm finally enrolled in classes! Here's my first quarter:
Professional and Social Aspects of Info Services
Info Resources and Services I
Action Research and Statistics

I'm nervous about stats, but otherwise pretty stoked.
Started a babysitting job today, and I'm modeling three times next week.
I feel pretty good about things today.

I wish Mica were here, though.
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I'm a grad student!!!!!!!!!! I just got my acceptance letter from Drexel, and they've also awarded me a Dean's Fellowship, which means I get lots of money off my education. YAY! So, in short, win. *dances around*
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Dear Bank of America associate I spoke to this morning regarding my checks,
Thank you! You're awesome and I hope you have a wonderful day.

In other news it's frickin' gorgeous out. Time to shower, sunscreen, grab some lunch and take my work outside.
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I love how when I'm reading a road novel I don't want to stop. I use the table of contents like a road map, judging when the next rest stop is, then get up to stretch or grab a soda. FIve or ten minutes, then back on the road. Covering pages like miles, themes like highways, familiar quotations or places like state parks, and chapters like little unknown towns waiting to be discovered. I feel like I'm on the greatest vacation ever. And actually, I'm doing homework.
Sometimes life is beautiful.
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Just picked up my books for my CST course on literature and politics. Oh my goodness. Pretty, lovely novels. I will be discussing novels. In English. I will have beautiful things to read for class. In English. I will have an excuse to lie in bed and read. I have six novels. Six novels which I will not have to sneak time to enjoy. And they all look so good. And some of them I've been wanting to read anyway. And did I mention they're in English?
For the "things-that-are-novels-not-in-English" class, though, I get to read L'amerique au jour le jour, which is pretty awesome.

Courses this semester:
Literature and Politics--M/W 1:15-2:30
European New Wave--M 7-10 p.m.
Language in Culture and Society--T/Th 11:00-12:15
French Topics: Road Trip--Th 1:00-3:50
After spring break I'll also be in Weightlifting M/W 10:00-10:50

Extras this semester:
Vagina Monologues
Getting my leg braces
Trips to fun places
Finding an apartment

Good stuff this semester:
Chocolate Special K. And I love Mod 1, and Aurora and Ariel, and my girlfriend, and Emily, and my besty, and all my friends.
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Libraries rock, because they will generally have exactly what you want. All that you have to do is understand the system.
Crises are being averted as I type!
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It's 11:49 on a school night and we're going to Denny's. Hells yeah. And we're sober.
Also found out that the hotel we're booked in is the world's shortest cab ride from the bar we wanted to try.
I love my Mica. I miss you, baby.
EDIT: Duuuuuuuuude. I was mofo hungry.
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It all seems a lot easier than it did. A lot.
And it can only get better.
I'm on a hiatus from depression. Hopefully this will lead to a permanent estrangement.
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Yeah. Headed to Hampshire in a bit to do homework, and possibly go mini-golfing, and probably have dinner. Then I will come home to my clean room, with all my homework done, ready to start a new week. I love life.
Also, ever have a day when you look in the mirror and feel so hot you'd date yourself? I'm on my second.
Hope all is lovely and bright with everyone else.
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Seeing so many friends today.
Girlfriend time.
Seeing Kate Bornstein speak.
Hugging Kate Bornstein.
Eating an appropriate number of meals today.
Learning how to work my cell phone.
Really amazing sex.
Classes starting soon.
Dining halls being open.

Slightly less awesome:
Lighting design tomorrow. . .it scares me a tad.
Hour of said lighting design.
My cold.

All in all, positives outweigh negatives.
Love to you all. All of you, love.
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. . .that I can be level-nine miserable and feeling like the prince of incompetence, and the combination of talking to my girl, making plans, buying new books, and finishing a few pesky errand-type things makes me feel happy and look forward to the future?
This will make sense to maybe two people, but Mica's taking me to Build-A-Bear! Finally!! *happy little boi squee*
It is good to have people in your life that help you be happy to live it. I am so lucky to have so very many of you.
One of my favorite people opened a bookstore! They have GLBT and women's studies sections! Yay! A copy of Even Cowgirls Get The Blues for 25 cents. Also, my copy of Fun Home arrived today.
I am happy again.
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I am at my girlfriend's. For the past week I have been shooting pool, relearning to swim, playing Scrabble, charming the neighbors, watching Will & Grace, meeting tons of new people, getting a tan, playing with our mousie, eating delicious food, and having lots of sex.
Life at home is slightly less idyllic, due to my mother's boyfriend and my disliike of him. On the whole, though, all is well.
Camp starts next week. I'm tired of the faery store, to an extent. But things are mostly peachy.

**EDIT** Oh, and watching Pancake Mountain. Look it up. Fantastic.
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Ok, so I looked at the DTWOF blog. Lo and behold, there is a message from our VERY OWN KATIE SULLIVAN! Katsulli, I am so proud to know you. Like, even more than I already was. Because, you know, you rock.

I'm not delirious, I'm in love. With my girlfriend. HA. I so win.

Headed to the shop momentarily. Makin' some money. And I get to go to what may well be the world's coolest wedding later this month. And solstice, oh yes. So, basically, I win at life and hope things are cool with all of you out there in LJ-land. Call me, everybody.

Love and kisses.
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It is time for tea and a shower and either Amy's or housecleaning and then paper-writing until I can't anymore. . .but. . .happy shiny thoughts. Discussions are of the good.
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Your Fortune Is

Underwear is not the best thing on earth - but next to it.

I concur.

In other news: *squeeeeeeeeeeeeebounce!*
Life is delicious and I am glad to be living it.
Off to bed.
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