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We are here. Here in a place where I stand tall,where I can be strong and love someone who is strong, where I can walk in the bright sunlight and not be afraid, where I can stretch and breathe and grow and be. We are exhausted, but cheerful and motivated. We have good friends who love us. We have an amazing friend who made the mattress happen for us today so we didn't have to sleep on the floor a second night. That amazing friend comes back tomorrow with equally amazing folks who make up an elite moving and unpacking force. Life is good, people are generally pretty freaking awesome, and the universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings. Hell yeah and hallelujah. It's good to be home.
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I was evicted, or nearly. The drama went down, for sure. I was running scared, and trying to move, and shoving things in boxes, and trying to find a place to leave Cleo. I was dealing with Josh, and I had just been laid off, and I pretty much felt like I'd never be safe again.

Fast forward to today. I have a good job that's not going anywhere. I'm about to move again, this weekend, to a gorgeous apartment of my own, with my fiancee, in a beautiful neighborhood in this wonderful city. Although I haven't gotten fully together financially yet, I'm cleaning things up quickly. My transition has been moving forward by leaps and bounds. I've made new friends and caught up with old ones. I'm learning to live on my own, without my grandmom to hold things together in the family or my dad to give advice. I feel like I have aged ten years in this one.

And on a less philosophical note, I would be really happy if we could stay in the same apartment for, like, five years now. Holy crap, am I tired of moving.
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My mom's cat died today. He was six and a half. She thinks he got into some antifreeze or something. She found him lying outside, limp but warm. . .and he threw up on the way to the vet, and then he just was gone. He was my big, gray, long-haired, polydactyl monsterkitten. When he was a baby, his coat didn't really shine yet because he was so fluffy, and he would hide under the bed and he looked like a giant dust bunny. When he got older, he used to climb down the side of our house, which was sided with rough wood shingles. He'd jump off the second-story porch and go down, and you could hear him thinking "Spider-Cat! I am Spider-Cat!"
I loved him very much. Not feeling eloquent about it, but. . .I loved him.
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Today is a butch day.
It's wonderful to be home.
Where on earth are my netflix?
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Back at MHC safe and sound. All unpacking and most of the decorating is done. Training starts tomorrow. Right now I'm tired, and waiting on a call from my Mica.
All is well.
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Home. Safe. Among Baroons. Beloved. Soon there will be fondue. I should be papering.
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