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This year I want to focus more on stuff to do and skills to build, so I plan to:
  • Keep track of all the books I read--I did this for 2013 and managed to get to a book a week average, which feels pretty awesome.
  • Finish applying to Starr King School for the Ministry, and hopefully begin classes in the fall.
  • Finish a crochet project.
  • Get a haircut I like.
  • Get a new tattoo.
  • Start all the medical/dental stuff I've been putting off.
  • Send more letters, post cards, packages, and flowers--at least something every month.
  • Take a trip somewhere I've never been.
  • Decorate my apartment.
  • Learn to make a new food.
  • Find a local place to hang out outside of my apartment.
  • Take Nimbus to a park.
Let's go!

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This year, I:
  • Quit nannying
  • Moved out of Brooklyn, to Northampton, MA
  • Worked with the kids at the Quaker retreat
  • Tried out being a UU
  • Considered divinity school
  • Ended a long-term relationship/engagement
  • Was unemployed for several months
  • Had to live with in-laws and friends for several months
  • Moved back to Brooklyn
  • Did QA work and got paid for it
  • Took a job that doesn't pay enough with a boss who I don't get along with
  • Joined a coven
  • Went to Philcon and had a fantastic time
  • Sang publicly for the first time since being on T
  • Had a scare when I threw my back out
  • Continued raising the kitten
  • Lost a little weight
  • Started a new relationship
  • Started a Pagan blog
  • Realized how bad a fit NYC is for me
  • Started making plans to move to Boston
Generally, my overarching goal for 2011 was to increase the mindfulness and intention I bring to my life. I feel I succeeded in that goal. None of the things that have happened have been truly problematic, and I can see the path out of the difficult bits, which was so untrue last year that it hurt. All in all, I've done ok.

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Just taking it easy today, trying to figure out what directions I want to be heading in for the upcoming chunk of time.

Things I want more of:
Geeky stuff
Tech work
Physical activity

Things I want less of:
Laziness without enjoyment
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I was going to really blog, but it's been too much.
Things of the bad:
  • People dying (Jean, in particular.)
  • Panic attacks
  • Budget fail
  • Relationship fail
  • Messy houses
  • Not sleeping enough
Things of the good:
  • Kissing
  • Cadence
  • Road trips
  • Coats
  • Having a job
  • Understanding friends
  • <4
  • Going home with strangers
  • Working money stuff out
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Taxis
  • Brunch
  • Pandora radio
  • Showers
  • Chocolate
Obviously the good outweighs the bad. Just a bit of a crazy week.
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So. All is well here at MHC. This morning FacMan fixed the broken shade. Pen and I went out for dinner last night, and for lunch and some window shopping in NoHo today. Then, crew dinner and training, and signing up for first shifts. It's been busy. My phone activation code is here, so if you've been waiting for calls, you won't wait much longer. Tomorrow, a loooooooooong crazy afternoon and evening of crew training, and in the morning I've got to pick up my cap and gown and go buy my books.
Someone please remind me to eat lunch.
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Bumped into people today. Cindy, MJ, Julia, Heather, Elaine, Glynnis, Amelia, Emily Freeman. Got waved at by Kris. Now have a real mohawk that is blue. Tomorrow is Pride. What am I missing? Oh yeah, nine pages of French history. Doing now.
Ummm. I feel. . .iffy about tomorrow. Yeah. Iffy.
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I have plane tix out of the South.One thing off the long long list standing between me and the sweetness of the Pioneer Valley.
I've also finally found a bloody radio station. And they remind me of my 'Cole. I wonder how she is.
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