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As I gear up for travel (San Francisco! Sept. 6-9! Let's make plans!), a possible career change, a possible move, and a visit from the Poet, I feel the need to start writing more actively again. Things are afoot even if some of these changes don't pan out. September always feels like a new beginning, and I really am glad it's here this year. And once things have decided what will happen, I think I'll be glad to have recorded it. So, I'm going to shoot for at least once a week.
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My cat is in the window, sushi is on its way, and I'm watching The Wicker Man. A lot of other stuff has gone on, but right now everything is okay.
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First day back at work, first day of software testing. Not feeling organized. Seem to be unreasonably hungry, having trouble differentiating tasks/moments. Love the lovely phone, since I can now blog from the break room. Remembered to check library fines, now just paying them.

Trying to blog every day is good, I think, but my brain is busy today and settling down is difficult. Part of the badness may be connected to the diet coke I had with lunch. We were out of regular. Rawr. Looking forward to home and dinner.

Must remember to do a t update soon, because WOAH my voice is deeper. Also, my girlfriend thinks my stubble is hot.

This post brought to you by chatterbrain.
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And I will. But at this point. . .
I am working on a script, a fictionalization of junior year.
I am exhausted and my eyes are twitchy and I want a lover here.
I hope getting this all down brings what it's meant to bring into my life.
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Charlie should not watch The Wedding Singer. No, really.

Substantial post re: therapy, name, angst, apartment, and coming out at work will come soon, as well as a poem in the inbox of [ profile] whoknew44 . Promise. Today I walked two miles to see an apartment, hip-checked a stone planter on the way home and wiped out, got a slice of pizza and came home and hit the couch for twelve hours. And tomorrow morning I need to be responsible for children.


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