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  • I have not yet done a Pi-Con wrap up, which makes it highly unlikely that I will actually do one, so for the record, it was freakin' awesome, I had a great time, and I now have a lion.
  • Speaking of the lion! His name is Aloysius, and he is the Lion of Chance. He was named by [ profile] shadesong, and he has a collar of dice, and he helped with my shot today because I was having muscle tension of doom, and he is basically the rockingest lion ever. Pictures eventually.
  • I am back on, once again tracking my exercise and food intake. Here's hoping I can get back into some good habits.
  • I have been writing, a bit! I am thinking of retooling the Headvoices so that they're not a script, and tell a more coherent story. If anyone has thoughts on this, do comment! If you'd like to read them, they're tagged as "voice" here.
  • I am applying to Brooklyn College because they have a Master's program in French teaching for 7th-12th grade. This is exciting.
  • I have three (three! wow!) interviews lined up so far for tutoring gigs, on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Good vibes, prayers, thoughts, energy, incantations, etc. would be much appreciated.
  • I have been horrible at making plans to see people, mostly because I keep getting hit by the nap-hammer. HOWEVER! I got through today (a shot day, even!) with no nap, so hopefully I can stop sleeping so much extra.
  • Yay #Roombed.
I should really get to the non-electronic part of my day now. . .'night, gang.

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I'm taking a sick day. A mental health day in which I actually get things done relating to my mental health as opposed to my homework. Also 'cause I feel kinda liike I have the flu.
This entry brought to you by the fact that my computer has returned.
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one week down, two weeks to go, then moving downstate for a brief mental health restorative. back up to mhc on august 30th to begin this year's bout of stage crew training. can we say amen. just had a weird flashback to when I moved into buckland. cripes, two years ago.
in other news, i hate mosquitos. why must i be so delicious? why?
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Had time with Mica. . ."time." Yeah. We're disgustingly cute. Everybody loves her.
Stressing about getting some shit done, but it's all coming. Grrr. I want to lie around and watch the L Word, not do work. Ah well. Really don't wanna deal with my father and TN. But I just can't be too upset, 'cause. . .life is good.
This song is dedicated to my mother's current attitudes and how I feel about them.
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Airport interwebs! YAY!
Liz is getting a facebook account and putting up good pics of me/us from Francia.
When I get home, I'm having pizza and Dr. Pepper. End of discussion.
Flight leaves in an hour.
I don't think it's hit me yet.
I'd forgotten how cute the flight attendants' uniforms are for Air France.
Hungry. Hopefully there's food on the short flight. Otherwise I may cry. All I've had today is a brioche suisse.
Goodbye Montpellier. More to come from Paris.
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<td align="center"> Jica --

Extremely dominant

'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at</td>

Yeah. Riiiiiiiiight.
Also, I was doing one of those "put your iTunes on shuffle and ask it questions" things. I didn't do all of them, but was highly amused by the following:
Q: What do your friends think of you?
A: Return of the French Mafia--Ben Charest (Triplets of Belleville soundtrack).
Could it get any more perfect?

I should be working on that list, but that would hinder my plan of eating strawberries and cream and reading Kerouac. Choices, choices!
The weather is beautiful today.
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I sit here, shivering and feeling kinda sick, and cold, and it's just. . .lack. I want to watch a movie about someone who is also sick and cold and lacking, because movies aren't real, they're beautiful and tragic and even in death everyone's hair is perfect and even in anger everyone's words are scripted and there is no error, there is no extra, really, because every single element is necessary to convey the whole point, even if there is no point, every moment builds sometimes to this phenomenal lack of point and we wonder why that was made into a movie at all and the reason that it bothers us is because it is like life. In movies the line "I took the Xanax and the Ritalin together. It had never occured to me.*" doesn't convey an urgent need for a stomach pump, it's something glorious and almost noble, forcing the gates of death in one's own time.

*= The Hours

Don't mind me, it just hit me as odd.
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Dear world/Daisy/stuff/life:
Stop being weird. You talk too fast, all of you.
Happy birthdays to [ profile] thaliestra and [ profile] nightstalker!
meme. .. kinda scares me )


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