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Hanging out quietly at home. Did some divination for a friend, now pondering a movie or digging back into the new William Gibson. Cadence and I went to a signing last night, which was amazing as always. Work was good this week, and things were busy, and things are mostly good. Tomorrow I'm submitting to a poetry magazine, so we'll see if my piece is a good fit. I'm pondering doing NaNo, but I know I don't actually have time. I'm lucky if I tweet every day.

Nothing much else to say. I miss Mike and Grailwood, but I'm mostly OK, and excited for November.

How's by you?
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--I have a crush.
--I love my job. I'm really good at it, which helps.
--The coven I went to at Midsummer is becoming a real spiritual home and opening some interesting doors.
--I have been having really swinging moods. I am mostly okay, but the moods swing, and the music playlists shuffle rather dramatically.
--Playing WoW again.
--I love Nimbus so much! He makes things better.
--The weather is finally cool!
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I. Am. So. AWAKE.
Also, I love being able to snap out of disordered eating. I can't always do it, but I did it tonight and I feel so much better.
Good group, great diner, nice ride with Kathryn, now home. Tired, but awake. I somehow feel like tomorrow is the beginning of something.
In a better mood than usual for sure.
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Hello October, have some points of interest:
  • Grad school apps have been postponed while I figure out what it is I actually want to do, because I don't know.
  • I need a desk, and to make some personal physical space so I have room to work. On anything.
  • I really should clean in here today.
  • I've decided to do NaNoWriMo this year.
  • I had tea with [personal profile] oliviacirce  yesterday, and I'm so glad our orbits have crossed again.
  • Despite the seemingly inevitable melancholia, this is my favorite time of year.
  • I have been trying to be a better friend lately. I think it is working.
  • Yearning for something you used to have is not the same as yearning for someone who once had you. I am trying to learn this. It is exceedingly difficult.
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I can't even blame this on hormones. I'm blaming it on lack of ready cash and a really crappy night's sleep. I feel like a lump and am having a hard time being motivated. So, if you're so inclined, tell me something interesting or engaging. It can be a funny thing that happened to you, a news story you saw, a favorite song, a rant, whatever. I'm looking for something to kick my brain into gear.
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I do not have most of these songs, but I wanted to make a list of songs that sound like autumn to me. Without further ado:

You Wear It Well--Rod Stewart
Maggie May--Rod Stewart
Factory Girl--The Rolling Stones
One Headlight--The Wallflowers
Mary Jane's Last Dance--Tom Petty
That's The Way--Led Zeppelin
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters--Elton John
Tangled Up In Blue--The Indigo Girls
The Killing Moon--Echo and the Bunnymen
Love Song--The Cure
Desperately Wanting--Better Than Ezra
Burn This Guitar--Melissa Ferrick
WWOZ--Better Than Ezra
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Went to group, went to diner, drove around, came home.
Now, more Farscape.
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Going a little bats. I want to exercise, and check in about name change stuff, and write a story chunk, and also just be left the hell alone for a while. My eyes hurt and my throat is dry and I think some downtime will do me a lot of good.
Also, if I could just have Cadence here, life would be easier. By, like, a lot.
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First day back at work, first day of software testing. Not feeling organized. Seem to be unreasonably hungry, having trouble differentiating tasks/moments. Love the lovely phone, since I can now blog from the break room. Remembered to check library fines, now just paying them.

Trying to blog every day is good, I think, but my brain is busy today and settling down is difficult. Part of the badness may be connected to the diet coke I had with lunch. We were out of regular. Rawr. Looking forward to home and dinner.

Must remember to do a t update soon, because WOAH my voice is deeper. Also, my girlfriend thinks my stubble is hot.

This post brought to you by chatterbrain.
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Via chat:
(11:33:43 AM) Me: btw, I'm packing!
(11:33:47 AM) Pen: I guessed!
(11:34:01 AM) Me: no, the other kind!
(11:34:17 AM) Pen: oh! also yay!
Moving in *gulp* two days!
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The cat thinks it's time for Journey. I love my life.
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I'm wishing that I could just go vote, then sleep off this brain fog and the attendant backache.
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After playing far too much WoW today, I come back to reality only to realize that:
  1. I don't know my work schedule for tomorrow
  2. I didn't get any cleaning done today
  3. I somehow contracted the beginning of a nasty throat thing sitting at my computer.
1 and 3 will be remedied with a phone call and perhaps a hot toddy. Dinner, too.
More tomorrow.

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They could bring me some glazed doughnuts. Preferably Krispy Kreme, but Dunkin Donuts will do, or some local maker of glazed donuts. Please. Anyone.

This is what happens when I dream about doughnuts.
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Today is a butch day.
It's wonderful to be home.
Where on earth are my netflix?
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It's chilly and rainy and dark out today. I have an errand or two to do and I really don't want to go out in it.

My nose is stuffy and my throat hurts and I'm sleepy. I think errands can wait 'til tomorrow.
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You see, I never noticed I had stains
until he asked for a discount
So, I almost missed out on
Loving you. Who said
"Perfection’s imitation, that’s why it’s called a deal,
See, real things have scratches and
I’m looking for real."
You paid full price, never asked for change til I gave it,
You said "baby, save it. You’ll need it for something harder than me
You said "I’m easy, I think scars are sexy."
And most times you make sense of things I think are crazy
And that’s not why I love you
But it helps.

That's today, for some reason.
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I used to have a "me". This was a fairly specific set of behaviors, moods, reactions, and parameters that defined how I interact with the world. I seem to have lost this.
I miss it.
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Cleaned the kitchen today. Now I am sleepy. Last night we made a marble cake and watched L'auberge espagnole. Tonight we will pick up my laundry and go grocery shopping and maybe out to dinner.
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Album: Growing Pains
Title: “Having Trouble With The Language” (Billie Myers/Peter Vale)
(Not complete lyrics--the ones stuck in my head)

Picture postcard honesty
In the land of hopeless dreams
That man in my sitting room
Only lives behind the screen

Oh, look at me happily
In this third party situation
A married man with a see through smile
Who's not quite what he seems


Oh, I'm having trouble with the language
Having trouble getting through
Haven't learned my lessons well
So I don't know what to do

Andre's such a sycophant
Who always leaves the truth behind
Always stands on the outside
No matter how hard she tries
It's been a while, the ready smile
I've got to go, Oh look at the time
If only she knew, what the restless do
She would surely break down and cry

Downtown at the funeral home
There's a dark cloud over our heads
She looked better in a black suit
But he looked better... dead
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