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A tip:
If you are looking for childcare, please do not say that you live in a town if you in fact live in a different town. I am very careful to respond only to ads that I assume are in bus range. Please do not say you live in Northampton when you really live in Florence. It makes a difference.
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So I don't really like the inter-parental tension that's going on right now, and my brother's being kind of a dick.
I miss my Mica. But there is good news. I finished everything I needed to finish, I saw the people I needed to see, I got a book I needed to get.
Good news for the coming year is that my mother has finally decided to give up her cat, meaning that when I move we will have to find a kitty-friendly abode for me and the monster and whoever else ends up in my living area.
My dad is being pragmatic lately and it is kind of the suck. I wish he'd take me seriously once in a while.
I am letting the family use my computer, which is aggravating because I find all these programs open when I come back to it. None of them are Mac users so it freaks me out a bit. Blah, morning rants. I'm sure I'll be more interesting at some point.
Happy holidays, everyone.
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Right now, you smell bad, you're trapped in a messy room, you have cramps, you're tired, you're burnt out, and you're bored. You want out? Want a shower, and something good to eat, and to check your mail, and clean your room, and go to the concert tonight? Yeah?
No love,
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. . .The Truth is I Shall Not Convert!
I have no problem with Christianity, or any other religion, but I'm really offended when people offer to pray that I become heterosexual. And I'm even more offended when they post open prayer requests "on my behalf" on the internet.
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