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This year's goals were:
  • Keep track of all the books I read.--Done and dusted. 52 new ones!
  • Get down to 135 pounds--HA, probably never again.
  • Renew my passport.--Didn't get around to this.
  • Keep on top of bills and keep paying down debt.--I got into more debt than I intended to, but I am aware of and mostly on top of it, so I call this one a win, given the circumstances.
  • Keep working on figuring out my spiritual path.--This one definitely took some unexpected detours, but I've kept working on it!
  • Make my apartment awesome.--A bit hit-or-miss on this, but I have a clean and comfortable and quiet and safe little space all of my own, so it looks like a win to me!
  • Enjoy the year.--Overall, yeah.
Other notable things this year:
  • Two new jobs
  • A cross-country move to California, with the cat
  • Amazing new partners--Mike and Bard
  • Great new coworkers
  • Started learning to crochet
  • Attended Episcopal Church for Advent
  • Baked bread on my own
  • Sang in an amazing choir concert
  • Took acting classes
  • Went to an SF con where I didn't know anybody
  • Made a mask with the Frouds
All in all, a pretty good year. Some things were hard, and some things were strange, but I feel neutral at worst, so that's good.

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A December-into-January update:
  • Moving plans have not  been finalized, but will hopefully be sorted by the end of this week. I will keep people posted with what I know when I know it. Ditto job situation.
  • Nimbus continues to grow and be adorable and loving and mischievous and fun. Right now, he's in the laundry basket!
  • I have acquired an inhaler to deal with chest tightness and breathing issues, so those should settle out soon.
  • I have rediscovered WoW and its addictiveness.
I have a set of goals for the season (Solstice through Equinox):
  1.  Move to Massachusetts.
  2.  Get a job in Massachusetts.
  3.  Submit a poem for publication somewhere.
  4.  Figure out what spiritual path I'm supposed to be following.
My overarching resolution this year is to be more mindful in everything I'm doing. I feel like 98% of my issues come from not being aware at the time of the impact of things I do (say, financially) or situations that I get myself into. I don't take the bigger picture into account, and I end up sick and broke and depressed. I can't necessarily fix or control all of these things, but by being aware I can be better prepared for anything that comes. Really, what I'm tired of is the "Surprise! You're screwed!" element that keeps popping up. Therefore, setting up extra precautions to deal with surprises.

Here's to a happy, healthy, and enriching 2011!
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I haven't been sleeping much lately. I keep being up and good to go at ten and eleven and midnight, and then crashing during the day. I feel like I'm totally behind on everything and I never get anything done. I also get kinda worried because it's really obvious that Cadence and I are on totally different schedules, sleeping and time wise, and I wonder how that's going to intersect when we live together, especially if I change work shifts.

I've been meeting really weird cool new people, it's awesome and fun and I feel like doors are opening all over the place. I just wish I was getting some more sleep. Being more careful around caffeine would probably help, but I'm just tired anyway and then also having caffeine withdrawal when I try and cut it.

I haven't spoken to my father in over a month.

deflecting responsibility--doing okay with this one
spending more than $50/wk on food--this has been completely scrapped
avoiding creative projects--I'm working on writing again

Dragon food plan--I've been eating better, at least. I dunno if you'd call it a plan though
Use Mint effectively and pay bills on time--Mint is kind of a fail, bill paying is something I'm working on
Go back into analysis--I have people to call, but haven't called them
Blog daily--HA.
Name change--My court date for this is Thursday, and I feel good about it.
Start a new physical activity--Was sorta okay on the five rites, hoping to start Seido sometime soon, maybe.

Yeah. . .stagnation. Bleh.
I need some space, it feels like. I want a new space now, so I can really sort out what goes in it. I always prefer to move in February and March, it feels like the time to purge and restructure and move on. I'm reaching for something but I'm not quite sure what.

Resolution update:
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Resolution update!

Deflecting responsibility--Ongoing, seem to be doing okay.
Spending more than $50/wk on food--Haven't been tracking as aggressively as I ought to, but again, seem to be doing okay.
Avoiding creative projects--big fail. Must do better!

Dragon food plan--Excellent! Feeling better, seem to be getting enough cals!
Use Mint effectively and pay bills on time--Working on this. Need to file more, get more done.
Go back into analysis--haven't really started looking at this yet
Blog daily--Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's crap. But it's here every damn day, so.
Name change--on my calendar to start in February
Start a new physical activity--just got on board with the exercises here

Poll: What would you like to hear more about? Leave it in the comments!
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What is dragon food?
Dragon food is fresh veggies, fresh or dried fruit, dips, hummus, cereals, trail mix, oatmeal, chips, chocolate, sushi, rice, and lots of other things. Dragon food fits easily in bento, small tupperware, or a baggie, is in small sections or chunks, and is quick to grab. It is generally calorie-dense. It is not necessarily consumed in meals, more in small, as-needed bursts throughout the day.
The goals of eating this way are to diffuse my anxiety around food, reduce my food budget by avoiding takeout, and make sure I get enough nutrients. Calorie goal is a minimum of 1300 daily. Mostly it's supposed to keep me eating and get me to pack lunches.


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