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I'm crazy. She loves me anyway.

me:  also fun:
The Neon Geek sounds like love.
 Sent at 11:45 AM on Friday
 Rachel:  Ooo, it does.
 me:  /me is a bourbon drinker
 Rachel:  I don't think I've drunk much bourbon.
...not going to lie.  I want to try Romulan Ale.
 Sent at 11:49 AM on Friday
 me:  /me nods.
Can we have a geekbar in our house?
 Rachel:  I want to follow the instructions, and drink Romulan Ale while watching TNG reruns.
 me:  Full of ingredients for absurdly geeky drinks and snacks?
I <3 TNG
Sazerac Cocktail
complete with leather easy chair and unabridged British HG2G.
 Rachel:  Heeeeeee.  <3
 me:  also smoking my mini hookah
Peering owlishly over it.
 Rachel:  O.O
Mini hookah will not do.
 me:  Whyever not?
 Rachel:  Too small!  =P
 me:  :P
 Rachel:  If the hookah is mini, we will fight over it.
 me:  But I can't peer owlishly over a normal one!
 Rachel:  Hookah must be big enough to share.  =P
Oh, alright.
 me:  It's a style choice!
 Rachel:  I need my own mini hookah, then.  =P
 me:  Unless I can have a Sherlock Holmes pipe.

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You will need:
One windy rainy warm night
One slow Elton John song (Tiny Dancer or Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters are good choices)
One cigarette and lighter
Liberal amounts of good bourbon, ice, and Coca-Cola
Optional: kisses, snuggles, good jokes, movies, or bedtime stories.

Mix, carefully, until you have a slightly damp, slightly smoky, slightly tipsy Shadow.
If desired, add optional ingredients to taste.
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Please to be reminding me that I don't need purple Doc Marten oxfords. Even if I want them really really badly.
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My teddybear now has a blog. Blame [ profile] themeggiemoo.
Go visit him. [ profile] gilesthebear
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