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Flying tomorrow for SF! Very excited, very exhausted. . .actually looking forward to the long flight for sleeps.
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Suddenly, looking at my wardrobe for this trip, I realize that somewhere along the way I learned how to dress like an adult. I'm a bit surprised.
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I am posting now.
Some notes:
I have exercised two days in a row! Go me!
I am being good about using the calendar.
I'm working on defining why and when I want the praise that I do, because it's definitely an issue in multiple situations. I'm looking to be a pleaser and then not getting much feedback and feeling neglected.
I am being reasonably good about food, and actually really good about intake! And breakfast!
The weather has been nice here.

Grateful for:
The girlfriend
Late shifts at work
My Friday night plans. . . *impish glee*
Remembering to buy shave stuff today
The girlfriend
Having signed up for the Landmark Forum. . . I'm really looking forward to that
Going to Noho this month!
Exercises that feel good
Vitamins that taste good
The girlfriend
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I love how when I'm reading a road novel I don't want to stop. I use the table of contents like a road map, judging when the next rest stop is, then get up to stretch or grab a soda. FIve or ten minutes, then back on the road. Covering pages like miles, themes like highways, familiar quotations or places like state parks, and chapters like little unknown towns waiting to be discovered. I feel like I'm on the greatest vacation ever. And actually, I'm doing homework.
Sometimes life is beautiful.
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Airport interwebs! YAY!
Liz is getting a facebook account and putting up good pics of me/us from Francia.
When I get home, I'm having pizza and Dr. Pepper. End of discussion.
Flight leaves in an hour.
I don't think it's hit me yet.
I'd forgotten how cute the flight attendants' uniforms are for Air France.
Hungry. Hopefully there's food on the short flight. Otherwise I may cry. All I've had today is a brioche suisse.
Goodbye Montpellier. More to come from Paris.
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List is listy. I feel . . .space case. I don't know exactly what the deal is. I have five days left in France. Today I went to the pyjama store. . .I fell in love with blue elephant printed pjs but they were pricey. Got a blue ring, it is my color (cerulean) with white streaks and it looks like the sky. I want smokes, but I shall not have any, because it seems like I have a cold already. I should be accomplishing things. I will be home in 5 days, then in an unexpected turn of events Mumzie and her new guy and I are roadtrippin' to Mass. Should be interesting. Avoids overnighting in the city and me buying a bus ticket. I think she also wants an excuse to run away with the boy.
So, that means I will be at MHC Thursday night. Rel and 'Rora and Eilin, can I have dinner and crash with one/all/any combination of you? Anybody on campus want me Friday night? Heather, what time to we need to congregate for Pride Saturday a.m.? Prophet, we are Saturday night, yes? And we need to figure out how I'm getting home and when I'm going.

I went into The Body Shop today, they have all these new summery smells. I need something new, the stuff I have is too heavy for summer.
Mmmm. . .in less than a week I will be in the arms of my Baroons, in our safe home in the Valley. And in a week and a day, I shall be. . .making up for lost time. Yes yes.
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I'm going to be in NYC May 3rd! CDG-JFK. . .I fucking love it. 'Cause you know what? I can spend a day in Paris, if I want. Paris to New York to my beloved Pioneer Valley. . .three of my favorite places in all the world. And not Montpellier! Goodbye forever, I never loved you and all the orgasms were fake.
And just in time for Pride.

Question question: Anyone want to house a world-weary kid in the city for a night? My usual contacts won't be around.

Also! I shall have dorm placement! YAY! If Disabilities Services loves me, I might even get Wilder. . .I've missed it so. A Wilder single would be the best feeling in the world, better than this wrong-sized apartment with its wrong floor and modern heat. (Yes, I like the radiators in Wilder, because you can actually use them to finish drying towels and jeans. As opposed to these things. *glares at heat source* [ profile] olivia_circe, as soon as I know where I'm going I'll tell you, it should be before the week is out and you will not need to do a hall-choosing for me.

Okay. Long term goal list time.
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I will probably jump on the train to Paris with paint in my hair and my suitcase barely packed, bleary from the fifth consecutive all nighter, but free.
One month and a week! One month and a week! One month and a week!


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