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Here were the goals I planned on this year, and how they went:
  • Keep track of all the books I read--Done! 59 this year, which is an improvement over last year.
  • Finish applying to Starr King School for the Ministry, and hopefully begin classes in the fall.--This has been scrapped. It just wasn't taking the shape I needed.
  • Finish a crochet project.--Nope. Didn't even get it properly started.
  • Get a haircut I like.--Yup yup! A couple of different ones, in fact.
  • Get a new tattoo.--An awesome one, drawn by a dear friend and done on my birthday.
  • Start all the medical/dental stuff I've been putting off.--Sorta? I ended up switching insurance and doctors towards the end of the year, so I'm back at square one but moving more quickly.
  • Send more letters, post cards, packages, and flowers--at least something every month.--An utter fail.
  • Take a trip somewhere I've never been.--Another fail. I didn't travel anywhere near enough this year.
  • Decorate my apartment.--Which one? I moved a lot, and decorated a bit in each place.
  • Learn to make a new food.--Not a new food so much, but I did craft some new dishes, mostly involving throwing things together in a loaf pan and baking until they were food.
  • Find a local place to hang out outside of my apartment.--Sorta? I've moved about, so there's different spots now, but I have a few I like.
  • Take Nimbus to a park.--Done! He didn't care for it much.
So. Four wins, four fails, four halfway-theres. I think I aimed high this year, and the energy that could have gone into these went into some different things instead. Here are my other accomplishments of the year:
  • Changed jobs twice, doing a stint in foreign-language social media and then moving to a startup environment with some amazing people and a great vision.
  • Moved into SF proper, which has opened a bunch of doors.
  • Joined a Goddess church, which has been a lovely outpouring of community, a great way to honor my syncretic roots, and a wonderful connection to this time and place.
  • Became a published, paid author.
Lots to think about. I'm not sure yet what I want out of 2015.

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This year's goals were:
  • Keep track of all the books I read.--Done and dusted. 52 new ones!
  • Get down to 135 pounds--HA, probably never again.
  • Renew my passport.--Didn't get around to this.
  • Keep on top of bills and keep paying down debt.--I got into more debt than I intended to, but I am aware of and mostly on top of it, so I call this one a win, given the circumstances.
  • Keep working on figuring out my spiritual path.--This one definitely took some unexpected detours, but I've kept working on it!
  • Make my apartment awesome.--A bit hit-or-miss on this, but I have a clean and comfortable and quiet and safe little space all of my own, so it looks like a win to me!
  • Enjoy the year.--Overall, yeah.
Other notable things this year:
  • Two new jobs
  • A cross-country move to California, with the cat
  • Amazing new partners--Mike and Bard
  • Great new coworkers
  • Started learning to crochet
  • Attended Episcopal Church for Advent
  • Baked bread on my own
  • Sang in an amazing choir concert
  • Took acting classes
  • Went to an SF con where I didn't know anybody
  • Made a mask with the Frouds
All in all, a pretty good year. Some things were hard, and some things were strange, but I feel neutral at worst, so that's good.


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