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Just picked up my books for my CST course on literature and politics. Oh my goodness. Pretty, lovely novels. I will be discussing novels. In English. I will have beautiful things to read for class. In English. I will have an excuse to lie in bed and read. I have six novels. Six novels which I will not have to sneak time to enjoy. And they all look so good. And some of them I've been wanting to read anyway. And did I mention they're in English?
For the "things-that-are-novels-not-in-English" class, though, I get to read L'amerique au jour le jour, which is pretty awesome.

Courses this semester:
Literature and Politics--M/W 1:15-2:30
European New Wave--M 7-10 p.m.
Language in Culture and Society--T/Th 11:00-12:15
French Topics: Road Trip--Th 1:00-3:50
After spring break I'll also be in Weightlifting M/W 10:00-10:50

Extras this semester:
Vagina Monologues
Getting my leg braces
Trips to fun places
Finding an apartment

Good stuff this semester:
Chocolate Special K. And I love Mod 1, and Aurora and Ariel, and my girlfriend, and Emily, and my besty, and all my friends.
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Libraries rock, because they will generally have exactly what you want. All that you have to do is understand the system.
Crises are being averted as I type!
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Going back to bed 'til nine. . .who wants to climb the mountain? Call me! Or IM or somesuch! MUST CLIMB! It's my senior year and I have yet to climb the damn thing.
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In desperate need of lyrics to the queer version of the MHC drinking song. . .anyone? anyone? Donna?

Also, if anyone could send Nice Shoes and/or M&Cs music, I'll bake you cookies.
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