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If you can't be consistent, could you at least not be so sweet when I get you?

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As I gear up for travel (San Francisco! Sept. 6-9! Let's make plans!), a possible career change, a possible move, and a visit from the Poet, I feel the need to start writing more actively again. Things are afoot even if some of these changes don't pan out. September always feels like a new beginning, and I really am glad it's here this year. And once things have decided what will happen, I think I'll be glad to have recorded it. So, I'm going to shoot for at least once a week.
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  • So, I'm in the job interview process for a job I really, really want that would move me across the country. I am excited about the possibility. I am hugely nervous. I am conflicted.
  • I don't know when they'd want me to go, and if I go soon I may not be able to see the Poet in October. Even though we'd arrange another time, that tugs on me and aches. . .I didn't expect him at all, and it's hard to know how to gauge the whole thing. He wrote me a poem, and even in translation it's striking. ( ) 
  • I am exhausted beyond belief from being in this city. Even the crazy weekend that was PiCon was more restful than a simple Sunday here.
  • Being in a city that doesn't seem to have a fannish presence is weird and uncomfortable, I'm noticing. 
  • There are people and entities and things I will miss in New York, but I really think I need to leave.
  • How do you know Home when you find it??
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In the last since whenever, I have:
  • Moved happily into Watson & Watson Headquarters, home of Team Shiny.
  • Broken up with someone.
  • Given up a few schemes.
  • Made a new friend.
  • Done a bunch of tarot readings.
  • Looked for a new job, without success. 
  • Tombé amoureux d'un Poète russe.
  • Continued in my Pagan studies, landing the lead role in a play about Rhiannon.
  • Watched the first season of Downton Abbey.
  • Remained reasonably healthy.
How's by all y'all?


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