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Eaten two meals
Made a prioritized to do list
Got an extension for my paper
Added 100 words to the paper
Read Monday's film theory
Wrote a film wiki
Dicked around
Sent [ profile] mischief03 out for food
Pondered an anthro paper topic

Still on the list--
Eat another meal
Buy food for apartment
Get stuff from MHC
Deposit checks
Go to apartment
Write 300 more words of paper (minimum)
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From last semester's Miss Congeniality Montpellier (I'm calling her that because I think she's adorable.):
"You are, decidedly, my lesbian mirror twin."

Plan for today. Breakfast, shower, dishes, bed, grammar, haircut, photocopies, bank, cell phone minutes, a call to my grandmother and a VIP call.
Yay VIP calls.*

"Somehow, a door has closed behind me, and now you can find me someplace I've never been."
"[. . .] I've got to let it go, and bring about tomorrow with just a silent prayer for yesterday."

*Think you're the VIP? Comment here. You probably aren't, but I'll add you to the list.
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I'm going to be in NYC May 3rd! CDG-JFK. . .I fucking love it. 'Cause you know what? I can spend a day in Paris, if I want. Paris to New York to my beloved Pioneer Valley. . .three of my favorite places in all the world. And not Montpellier! Goodbye forever, I never loved you and all the orgasms were fake.
And just in time for Pride.

Question question: Anyone want to house a world-weary kid in the city for a night? My usual contacts won't be around.

Also! I shall have dorm placement! YAY! If Disabilities Services loves me, I might even get Wilder. . .I've missed it so. A Wilder single would be the best feeling in the world, better than this wrong-sized apartment with its wrong floor and modern heat. (Yes, I like the radiators in Wilder, because you can actually use them to finish drying towels and jeans. As opposed to these things. *glares at heat source* [ profile] olivia_circe, as soon as I know where I'm going I'll tell you, it should be before the week is out and you will not need to do a hall-choosing for me.

Okay. Long term goal list time.
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I will probably jump on the train to Paris with paint in my hair and my suitcase barely packed, bleary from the fifth consecutive all nighter, but free.
One month and a week! One month and a week! One month and a week!
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I'm 21. And I still have to do homework. Sometimes grad school gets less appealing.
On the other hand, I'm 21 and listening to Chilly Down. Must not take self too seriously, that's certain.


Hair (?)

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